You are so lucky!

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You are so lucky!

“You are so lucky”, they say.  This always makes me squirm.

I’m not lucky.  I have a plan and I am executing it!

Stop wishing start living!

Stop wishing start living!

Half term comes at the same time every year.  It is only a week, so if you want to have a holiday you have to be really organised to get one in.

I am that person.  I am on it.

These holidays are important to me – May and October are breaks in the calendar that I have identified we really need as a family; to re-connect, re-energise, explore and just enjoy time that little bit more slowly.

Only once have I not booked a holiday in October, and I found myself in a regretful state.  Emotionally and energetically, this is the least productive state to be in, because it means we are focused on something that has already passed and something that we can no longer impact or change.

What we can change is:

  1. our thinking
  2. our learning – i.e. take action next time!

For me, there is nothing worse than saying, “I wish”.  It actually makes me a bit agitated when people say it, because wishing is for Tolerators.  People who keep tolerating what they have, despite wanting something else.

Is this you?

It used to be me too, until I got so miserable that I HAD to do something about it!

Stop wishing, start living!!

Don’t wait until all your energy is gone to take action.  You’re going to make the transformation process SOOOOOO much harder than it needs to be.

My advice….get yourself an ‘I’d love to’ list – here is a picture of mine – I keep it in view every day, and when I think of things I add to it.

The difference between this and a wish list is that these are things I actually intend to do.  They are not things that on my deathbed, I will wish I would have done.

I really hope you hear me on this today, because the only person telling you that your life has to be the way it is today is you.

So, from Heathrow, I bid you farewell – I am off to Cape Cod for Half Term.  (Cape Cod was on my I’d love to list last year).

I’d love to know what’s on yours!  (do you see what I did there? J)  Let me know…

Much love

Susie xxx

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  • Jane Matthews says:

    Really wanted to see a picture of your list in case I want to borrow some ideas. Not that I don’t have plenty of my own.
    I do remember when I announced that I was going to do a six months overland trip through Africa I heard this a lot: ‘It’s easy for you.” They meant that I had no ties, which was untrue. Being able to go meant giving up a good job, my flat in Greenwich and a relationship.
    But in a way they were right because once I’d seen the ad for the trip and recognised how much my heart was in it, the practicalities were easy. It was a mindset thing: I’d recognised something that was absolutely the next thing I wanted to do in my life and somehow all the mental barriers about giving up a good job and home dissolved,

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