Are you wondering if you have already reached the peak of your life? Can you see a peak in the distance, but dread the climb? Have you even got shoes on to take the hike? Well I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that hard. It really doesn’t. The answers are within you, but you need help to see them.


That’s what I am here for! This isn’t it. There is more. Much more, to you and your life. I can help – I have an impressive track record at creating light bulb moments that change lives.

I’m Susie Ramroop, a Transformation and Success Coach, and my passion is helping people (leaders, parents and just regular people) change their lives, one powerful breakthrough at a time.


Since qualifying in Performance Coaching in 2005 I have spent thousands of hours coaching people to take their feet off their own brakes. I did it as a leader myself, and am doing it as a parent. Whatever role you play though, you have to remember that YOU are the one in it. It all starts with you.

The person I am here to be is one who serves.  Who are you here to be?


I believe that everyone can be happy, and I have an important role to play in enabling happiness and fulfilment.

I help my clients find the clarity they need to create the lives and careers that they want. Many experience breakthroughs after the first session. Perhaps you can too.


Ready to start changing your life?  Take action now, and book a clarity call with me.


My Story

At the age of 11 Miss Nunnery, my favourite teacher, packed me off to high school with the advice: “don’t give them all the answers”.  It took years for this to resonate with me – the notion that you can serve people, be they your employees, or your children, much more powerfully if you listen and ask the important questions.  The really big juicy ones that they may be hiding from, but once asked seem to provide relief.  The answers will come from inside them; they will own them, and they will decide if they are right for them.  This is true Coaching.

As a leader, I am inspiring, motivating, and articulate.  I pride myself on bringing empowerment, clarity of purpose and enormous energy to ensure people realise results and enjoy the process.  This is also true of me being a Coach and a friend!

I have a wealth of experience which has contributed to who I am and how I approach things having worked in the Media, and Directed teams in the private and public sectors, but it hasn’t defined me.

Seniority was expected of me back then, so I rose to the mantle, but I was stuck on a hamster wheel.  I made what looked to others like bold and brave attempts to get off it by changing sector twice, and deciding to become single after a long time.  Even though I qualified as a Coach 11 years ago, and was clocking up coaching hours, I hadn’t realised that it was my true purpose in life.  The thing that would make me really want to get out of bed in the morning.

I became so tired of acting like I enjoyed all of the things I was doing because really those things were part of attempting to gain approval, acceptance, and love.  I was hoping that other people would give me the answers rather than looking into myself to find them.

I love Coaching, whether I am receiving it or providing it!  I love the relief, the excitement, the penny dropping, the eager anticipation, the nervous excitement, the sudden realisation, the stillness, the decisiveness, the joy, the vulnerability, the honesty, the commitment, the resistance (sometimes), and so much more.

It’s taught me that I am worthy of success by my own design, today, not at a time reaching into the distant future.  I am confident in my value, and not willing to defer the celebration of me anymore!

Why not let me do the same for you….?   Let’s design your new life together!

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