Your time is an investment. Is it paying off?

By November 29, 2016Personal, Transformation

Is your time investment paying off?

It occurred to me recently that some people think that the only currency for investment is money.  Time, however, is equally critical.

Are you with me?  Is your time investment paying off for you?

Read this, and then ask yourself that question again!

I am highly protective of my time because I am really clear about where I want my pay offs to be, namely, in the future I have envisioned for my daughter, husband and I.  We want a beautiful house in the English countryside where we can welcome tennis lovers, boutique hotel lovers, and people seeking personal growth in general, to stay with us and replenish.

I will spend my days doing the school run, talking with my ideal clients, writing creatively to move people emotionally, having lunch with my husband, playing tennis on my doorstep, and running retreats in the winter in front of open fires with fine wine!

My husband is bought into this vision as it is the tennis property he always dreamed of – his own place to Coach and develop his own tennis protégé so he can leave his legacy.

My daughter is bought into it because it will be within 10 miles of the sea and she wants to come with me to the beach after school, and do crafty things at the big kitchen table.

If I had stayed in a corporate job, I could have had this sooner than my plan.

But at what cost?

Going to work before my daughter is even awake, coming home just in time to grab a kiss before bed time, spending the limited talk time I have with my husband moaning about how awful my day was, taking no exercise because all I want to do is sleep, anaesthetising my unhappiness with food and wine, etc, etc, etc.

I made a CHOICE.  I will not surrender my dreams, but I am also not going to threaten my health, my relationships and my sanity en route.

And nor should you.

It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in, to be undeterred by the mums at the school gates, the family members who want to keep you safe and exactly how you have always been, or those other people who you will expose if you become too ambitious.  Being successful can alienate people.  But true supporters don’t give up that easily.

So don’t you give up either.

If you can project ahead based on what you are doing now, and honestly say that you will be happy with the outlook one year from now, then great!

BUT, if you don’t like what you see, if it scares you or fills you with dread, then DO SOMETHING!  Any movement is better than no movement.

If you don’t know where to start, you just know you don’t want to be here next year, then please reach out to me.  You can either email me or book a call that won’t cost you a thing.

Let’s make sure you are investing your time in the things that matter and not wasting it on the things keeping you stuck.

With love,

Susie xxx

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