The solution to exhaustion!

I’m going to be really honest with you.  Today I am suffering from mild exhaustion.  I have a full diary, and I am trying to honour all my commitments on a very jet lagged state.

I know exactly how I got here, and I am happy that this is a one off situation.  Exhaustion used to be a habit of mine!

I am really clear about how to look after myself, and what my time looks like in a perfect world.  So I have chosen today to post this instead of live streaming.

For most people though, they don’t know how they get so exhausted.  For some people they accept this as normal……and they keep going in this state, to their detriment.

Can you relate?

I have a very dear friend who does this persistently, and she ends up with a cold for about 4 months of the year.  It means she has to cancel all the things she was looking forward to because she is so busy surviving all the things she ought to do.

It is very easy to descend into this downward spiral, OR you can follow this process.

1.      Listen

Our body gives us signals about what is going on for us emotionally.  If our needs are not being met, if we are not looking after our wellbeing, our body will start trying to slow us down.  It’s no coincidence that you feel like you have a cold for most of the winter.  Listen to your body.  Exhaustion = a need for rest.  You need some me time.

2.      Resist complaining

Complaining about feeling tired is such a waste of energy.  People that complain about being tired are the ones choosing not to listen to their body, and the ones choosing not to get rest.  Doing this soon becomes miserable, and our behaviour turns martyr like.  Don’t complain, do something different.

3.      Recover

Often recovery is just about down time.  Pressing pause on our life and just being quiet and still to conserve some energy.  Many of us believe we are too busy to stop, and so we keep going on an empty tank.  Recovery doesn’t always mean stopping everything though, it can mean getting choosy.  Choosy about where you spend your time, how and with whom…..  Think about what depletes you and what energises you.

4.      Reflect

It is worth taking your time to design your perfect week.  What I mean is the week where all your needs are met.  What does your week need to contain to keep your energy and spirits high?  And what will tip you into exhaustion and maybe even resentment?  In my case for example, I like to eat out twice a week, but if I go out 3 times, I see it as a chore.  I start to crave a jacket potato at home, and what’s more, it makes me go off the idea of the 2 meals I was actually looking forward to!  Think about what you need, and what will tip you into burdensome ground.

If you can relate to this and you would like some help in increasing your energy, and finding more time for you, please book a call here.

Learning the tools to manage this will make your life so much easier, and you can stop wishing things were different, and start living!

Don’t put up with your life as it is.  Let it be easier.


I hope to speak to you soon


Susie x



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