Michelle – Office Manager

I hadn’t been feeling like ‘me’ and I needed help to get back there. That’s how Susie came into my life.

I felt vulnerable asking a stranger for help but after our first meeting I felt brave. Our sessions were sometimes challenging, often emotional but I always felt safe in Susie’s hands.

I also had an amazing high after seeing her as I could feel myself changing and I knew she was helping me to work towards being my best self.

I’ve often told Susie how invaluable her guidance has been to me. She has given me a toolkit for life and I continue to feel brave because of it!

Joe – Rugby Coach

I was initially apprehensive and closed off to the idea of Coaching; this changed immediately after the first session.

Susie created a calm, peaceful and welcoming environment, which enabled me to feel comfortable and dig deeper into my issues. After just a few sessions Susie seemed to have worked out the key problems. In identifying these we were able to set achievable and realistic targets and a plan.

I quickly started to notice the changes within myself and how others were responding to me. It gave me a real lift and pushed me to progress further. Susie gave me the opportunity and tools to guide me to where I wanted to be.

I now have the techniques to deal with situations to stop me falling back into my old ways, and use them every day.

I would recommend Susie to any individual who is struggling with anything. She seems to be able to guide you through anything. A huge thank you, Susie!

Jane – Author, ‘Heal Your Life’ Trainer & Coach, Marketing Guru

Susie knows just how to cut to the chase: no nonsense and sometimes plain uncomfortable as her questions hit the right buttons.

But it’s all done in an atmosphere of such trust and support that I found myself willing to look within as never before.

I believe Susie’s partnership approach is why the new awarenesses have been so huge and the results far-reaching.

I’ve not only been coached but somehow strengthened and given new resources to coach myself too.

Susan – Corporate Trainer, Co-Active Coach, MBTI Practitioner

She was my champion and held me to the best that she knew I could be…I would recommend Susie to anyone who needs support and inspiration to make big changes successfully.