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If you believe there is no space in your life to do the things you really want, then this is the course for you.  And the lessons will last a lifetime!



Here’s what past students are saying:

Heather said:

The time is WOW! course came at a point where I was overwhelmed with all that I had to fit in and fill in my available time. I felt particularly stretched, however it is amazing how with the right support you can make time to make time for yourself.  Susie’s videos and exercises guided and made sure that I was prioritising  and maximising my time, resources and most importantly joy and fun too!  Putting joy and time in for myself is making sure  I am re – energised  and changing my mindset and beliefs about my time and how it needs to be filled.  I love Susie’s forthright, sincere and supportive approach. She always asks the right questions and ensures you answer them honestly to make lasting changes , big and small for the better.

Robyn said:

When I signed up for the course I was not too sure what I was hoping to get from it, but I was feeling as if I either didn’t have enough time or when I did have time to myself I felt guilty for wasting it.  Susie’s course helped me focus on what was important to me and how to prioritise my time so that I now feel as if ‘I have all the time I need’.  Susie’s intervention helped me to look at my priorities and goals self-checking those which would lead to a more joyous way of living.


“The Time is WOW!” is a digital training programme that takes you STEP by STEP through using my time and joy release strategy to:

  • have time to yourself without feeling guilty
  • learn how to develop boundaries for your time
  • develop communication techniques that get your needs met, and
  • let go of overwhelm once and for all

What’s included

1.  Worksheets and exercises (priceless)

These exercises and worksheets will help you change your relationship with time, know how to use it to bring you the most fulfilment, and finally feel like you have more of it THIS MONTH!  This is content that you can use and reuse to baseline and measure your progress as you adopt the techniques in this course.

2. Accountability Call (Retail Value £497.00)

Get an accountability call with me before the end of the course to help you gracefully move through the festive season with no extra stress and no resentment!  This is where you can get coaching around the hurdles that are popping up for you as you venture into your journey to time freedom. This call will immediately realise your investment in yourself and make sure you get the ongoing support you need to stay on track.

3. Quick Question Answering for 21 days  (only normally available to private clients)

You will get virtual access to me to get your questions answered quickly, so you never have to worry about getting stuck.


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