Get unstuck


Detox your thinking and your habits to cultivate prosperity in 21 days.


We all understand the value of decluttering our physical space, but decluttering our mental space is a little more challenging, and requires us to test our discipline.

The thing is, even when we get rid of the rubbish in our home it re-emerges a few days later because we haven’t changed our thinking or our habits, which is what makes these changes sustainable. The same goes for the partners we choose, the friends we make, the jobs we take, and the debt we accumulate.

If I waved a wand and gave you £3000 you might clear your debt but the thinking and habits that generated it would ensure it came back.

If I waved a wand and dropped 20lbs off your weight, the thinking and habits you have won’t have changed, so the weight will gradually come back.

You get the picture!

This new Spring Clean Your Life course is the perfect foundation for any life change, and is somewhat necessary to kick start the system – a bit like lemon in hot water in the mornings!

This course is based on the Laws of Prosperity and will bring positive energy and generate new neural pathways in 3 weeks.  You can then start to experience lasting changes in your life.


Spring Clean Your Life is for you if:

you have been clinging on to ‘stuff’ for a long time: belongings, papers, people, thoughts

you have habits you want to break

there are relationships that need to be released or revitalised

you are facing uncertainty about your future at work

you have debt that seems impossible to clear

you would really love to start something new, like a hobby or a business venture

you are just tired and want to be re-energised

you have fallen out of love with someone or something


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