September is the New January

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September is the new January.  If ever there was a September that this statement is truer of, it’s this one.  Let the sun now shine on the rest of the year!

Companies are making decisions about whether or not their staff return to the workplace. Schools are starting to welcome children back. This time is going to be undeniably unsettling for some. 

For me, the thought of having to go back to the school gates is anxiety inducing.  Normally this is a time when everyone is hugging, and hanging around to hear all the stories of how the summer was.  But this year there will be no hugging, no lingering (at least I hope there won’t be). New emotions bubble as people begin to reflect on what they have experienced over the last few months. 

Schools going back could be the thing that represents the closest thing to their old normal.  Suddenly we are going to feel like the time when children first started school. When we didn’t know what to do with ourselves….for a moment……before we filled that time up with busy work again.

Whether we were (hopefully) emerging from a pandemic or not, September is the perfect time for reflection and renewal.  With a staycation and quality time with family banked, we can refocus on what it is that we need.  We can begin to craft the routine that works for us and has us showing up as the leaders we want to see in this world.

We don’t have to go back to the way things were if they weren’t working.  Pay attention to your habits at this time.  Consciously create new habits that serve the leader you are becoming.  To do this you must decide to pause; to interrupt your patterns before your habits take over.

Every January, I love to take myself away to the forest to do this and gather my thoughts in nature – the place that feeds me.  I am an outdoorsy person and that has been pretty absent this year, so I am making up for lost time by doing this 2 weeks from now. 

In February, I tested the one day format of my retreat, a welcome decision to run an extra event, not really comprehending at that time what was around the corner. Four wonderful women spent a day with me in my favourite location working on themselves and how they could make an even bigger impact on the world, and in their own lives. I received some extremely positive feedback that confirmed the format works.  

To help you to emerge stronger and take charge of your life, career and business, I am running this again on 15th September.  At the time of writing there is one space left.  If you’d like it, please email so we can jump on the phone to discuss it today.

September is the new January. The time is now. Why struggle on your own when you could leave the forest knowing exactly what you want and how to get it without stress or overwhelm? The day will be replenishing, and will bring you fun and clarity in equal measure.

Don’t just allow yourself to fall into the same crevasses of life that you were in before; make wise choices.  Choices that are in your favour.  When you are at your best, everyone benefits. I’d love to help you realise them.

If you would like to talk about how I can help, please book a call at

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