After 3 months in lockdown, and ongoing social distancing, I bet you are desperate to “retreat” back to normal life, or are you?  You could just resume, readopt and regurgitate life as it was.  Or you can take the time to ask whether it is still serving you.  Whether you want more.  Without having to trade more to get it.  On a retreat perhaps…


Imagine, a retreat that replenishes in this forest, AND gives you targeted coaching tailored to meet your needs.  Seeing the patterns that have been keeping you stuck, and clearing the fog so you know precisely how to focus on what matters.  Now that is powerful!

Transformation does not need to be hard work,

nor does it have to involve yoga or vegan food…

Spending time with me is highly practical, and a lot of fun.  The things you have been agonising over, and making no progress on will melt away.  And you will wonder why you spent so long trying to work this all out on your own.


Join me in this beautiful setting for easy transformation.  You will get to the core of the issues quickly and clear the path towards that which you want.  We have plenty of time to walk, waterslide and brainstorm having filled up on homemade cake.  All while you are gaining more space and more clarity without even trying.

The January 2021 retreat has been postponed.  Instead, I will be doing individual VIP intensives in nature.  Prices start at £2500 (+ VAT).

If that’s just what you need, book a call here.

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Say goodbye to overwhelm, confusion and self doubt.  And hello to clarity of direction, purposeful action and trust that it may long continue to be this easy to make progress.


You leave this retreat relieved, warmly inspired, and in action.  Having learned techniques that will help you create lasting results and greater fulfilment, and a confidence that your relationships will only strengthen as a result of bringing 100% of you into play.

Don’t take my word for it – hear from some past attendees

"Susie managed to direct us towards our goals without us even noticing the work we we’re doing!!! Great experience for me! Thanks Susie!"


Honest, bold and impactful!! You leave with a clear action plan and the positivity and determination to do it. In a beautiful setting, this retreat was one of the best things I have done in a long time. Susie is up there with the best!!


Louise moved up to the leadership team by changing her focus, getting out of the weeds of project management, and experimenting with being more visible.



“Susie’s retreat is the perfect way to get to grips with your goals, whether you know what those are, you are confused, don’t think you have any, feeling stagnant or haven’t figured out how to unlock a way forward.

For me, a professional woman with a family and a whole lot going on in life, the retreat provided headspace, focus and energy to identify what I really want and practical, immediate steps to effect change. Even if the thought of sharing your truth slightly terrifies you, please don’t resist.

For me, I felt the retreat embodied warmth, trust, professionalism, growth and empowerment. You will get far more from the retreat than you can ever anticipate.”

– Kate

I want results like that. Let’s talk!