Time to redefine ‘HARD’

By February 3, 2017Personal, Sport, Transformation

It’s time to redefine ‘HARD’

In November my Coach asked me if I was prepared to do everything in my power to make my business a success.  Of course, I said YES!!!

And then she asked if I was prepared to go for a run.  A run?????  Well I’m not sure I am prepared to do that, I thought.  I hate running.  I had always been closed for business as far as running was concerned.

But something inside of me shifted.  She was directly hanging the vision for my life on me running.

I am totally in love with the life I have envisioned, and if I have to run to get it, then so be it.

Suddenly I had a reason to run.  A reason not to quit before I really even tried this time.

So I came home from LA, ignored the jet lag, and went for my first run.  It was literally only a minute and then a 3 minute break before doing one more minute another 2 times.  But I was elated – I had started, and I had a renewed attitude towards it being a success this time.

I had always told myself so many stories about running – it’s hard, it’s bad for your knees, blah blah.

This time I realised the worst part was getting off the couch and out into the cold weather.

Starting comes from a decision.  A decision to review what you have previously defined as hard, to welcome ease, and to focus on your dreams in the process.

By thinking about my vision, by telling myself that I felt good, that my legs were strong, that I’m gliding through the air with ease (OK I know you think I’m joking now, but seriously THIS WORKS!!), I almost zone out completely now in the second half of my run, smiling to myself because I am literally picking up the pace towards the life that I have planned for me and my family.

What’s for certain is that sitting on the couch will get you NOWHERE.  So it’s time to stop wishing and get moving.  You don’t have to run, but maybe it’s something for you to consider?

What are you willing to do today that you THINK is hard?  Knowing deep down that if you are willing to play with this, it may just turn out to be easy??!


Leave a comment below and let me know what you think is hard.

And let me know if you are open to the possibility that this might not be true.


Here I am 2 months after I started:  WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO

It will help you keep going when you want to quit!

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