Private Coaching


My private coaching programme will change your life! It really will.

It’s not about having a few sessions, and seeing how you feel.  It is about getting clear on what it is you really want from life, and why it is important to you.  And committing to getting it.  When you face the inevitable wobbles, I will equip you to think differently, banish self doubt give you evidence that you CAN do it, and keep you focused on the things you desire most.

The six month programme is based on thousands of hours of coaching, and provides the foundation that I know is required to get long lasting results.

Once a strong foundation is built, the rest is bespoke.  It is all about you.  Not everyone else in your life, or me, but you.  And I will use all of my experience to save you time, and get you where you need to be without unnecessary heartache and struggle.

The energy you see in me is simply your own potential reflecting right back at you, once you have removed all the stuff that drains you.  And you will believe in you as much as I do by the end of our time together!

What you give:


Your full commitment

A willingness to do the work

100% honesty and trust



What you get:


A detailed assessment

2 x 60 mins virtual coaching sessions per month

Action plans between calls – perspective adjustments (priceless!), helpful things to read / watch / do

Email accountability to me for 3 weeks out of 4 per month

A week off per month for YOU