New Book – Be The Leader You Want To See

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Be the leader you want to see

Today is the launch of my first ever book. I have woken up this morning knowing it is one of the most important days of my life. the only one I can compare it to, having been up for 40 minutes, is my wedding day.

Why is it so important to me? Because this is an experience is going to be a story from the stage one day that inspires others. It has stretched my mindset like no other. This is the first example of something in my life where I have thrown everything at it despite my discomfort, and will continue to to do just to see what I am made of. It has made me more Aware, more Brave and I am making a bigger Contribution – the three pillars upon which the book is based.

Today, I am asking for your support. You can provide it in a number of ways that all have a common theme – your donation of 99p to my campaign to change the way women feel about their leadership.

Buy the kindle copy for 99p today

Even if you are a man…

I wrote the book with women in mind, hence the cover, but if you are a man, you will still benefit from reading the book. Just park the handful of female analogies!

Even if you have a copy already…

If you already have the paperback as an early review reader, please get the kindle to support me, and give yourself the insurance of always having these tools on the kindle app on your phone.

Send it to someone as a gift…

If you like me, but don’t want the kindle, please gift it to someone. Here’s how:

Easy peasy!

Makes someone’s day today. Make yours. Make mine! Buy this book and look for the lightbulb that will have you making more progress than ever before with a lot less effort!

Thank you for your support, and if you love the book, please leave me a review x

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