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What you get

Master Your Mindset for Tennis launches on 20 July 2018.  This mini course contains video training and bonus resources covering the exact six-step system I use with my tennis playing clients to help them to get out of their head on the tennis court.  This is a course about mindset, but it is also about developing the senses to increase joy on the court, reduce pressure, and learn to feel the adjustments needed in your game.  This course closes the gap between what you already know about tennis, and how you play your game.  It's time to play bigger!

Six Training Videos plus bonus resources

  • Video 1 – setting yourself up to be your best
  • Video 2 - stopping self sabotage
  • Video 3 – reframing failure
  • Video 4 – the good to great process
  • Video 5 – course correction
  • Video 6 – playing & leveraging YOUR game

Can I help you?

It's common for me to see tennis players (my husband is a Tennis Pro) who have lessons but never get much better.  They know what to do, but they aren't actually doing it!

The main reason is not just because they don't play enough, it is because they don't practice what they are taught.  And they don't do this for 2 reasons:

  • they don't believe they can hit the shot in a game that they hit in practice
  • they don't want to risk their average survival level game for one that is far superior.

This course is for people who are bothered by being average.  And their inner critic reminds them of this every time they get on court!

Let's change this.

This is a one time offer to get the Master Your Mindset For Tennis for £67 + VAT instead of £197 + VAT.

Use this course to transform the patterns holding you back.  Learn what to do on and off court to take the pressure off so you can have more FUN while playing.  And notice your confidence grow in other areas of your life too!

Get clear on:

  • Your expectations for your game
  • How your view of failure is stopping your success
  • What your inner soundtrack is playing and how to reprogramme it
  • How to win more points
  • Your personalised strategy for getting better
  • How to make ongoing improvements to your game

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