Making resolutions for 2016? Hang on a sec, read this first!

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So here it is, 2016. It’s a time for all those magazine articles on changing your life this year. But aren’t they the same articles that are published every year?! And do you normally take action?

I am always struck by the new year’s resolutions people set – and how often people feel that they may have set themselves up to fail. The sudden flurry of people going to the gym, buying nutribullets, stopping drinking. But how long does it last? I believe it is a lack of preparation in setting these goals that threatens their achievability. So I urge reflection before hasty setting of targets.

Here are some simple steps to follow for small goals. If you want to start really dreaming, get in touch!

Review 2015

This is where you may look to pat yourself on the back, for all the great things you achieved this year, even if they were not related to those hasty resolutions you set in January. In reality what’s important to us changes as life goes on, and we react accordingly. So

  • Look at what you did well
  • Look at what you don’t want to tolerate any more, and what can be released

3 Values

This is something I focused on last year and found immeasurably helpful as a barometer for my decision making. I found it a lot less emotional to make decisions if I asked myself whether what I was giving time to related to my values. Really what we are talking about here is what is important to a person, not to other people, but to them. Is it really work, money, and security….or is it family, happiness and health?

3 Goals

It naturally follows that the goals we want to achieve are effectively sub-headings of our values. They are ways to honour them in our daily lives so that we feel more enriched in some way. Otherwise why are we setting out to make these changes, right? Goals should be as specific as possible.

Motivation check

If you are setting goals in line with your values, then it should follow that your goals are about you, for you. This is a healthy checkpoint to confirm that they are not a means of pleasing others in an attempt to gain approval or acceptance.

3 Reasons

Write down 3 reasons why you know you can achieve the goals. Think about the things your friends would say if you can’t do this about yourself. You will come up with some powerful words with this exercise. They might say you are focused, energetic, unstoppable even – stick the words to the fridge or bathroom mirror.   This is what is going to keep you on track – an evidence base to support our ambitions.

3 Actions

Now this is really important. You have done the work to prioritise what’s important, specifically state what you want to achieve, and you know it’s all for your benefit. So now you need to make it happen. Don’t worry about the endgame at this point, just one small thing that you can do:

  • Today
  • This week
  • This month

This will build momentum and further evidence under point number 5!

Good luck and enjoy your year of achievement!


If you need help, get in touch, I have a range of programmes on offer this year for those people whose dreams are so big that this simple process won’t work.  I am seeking clients who have no idea how they would even start to specify their dreams, but they know they’re hungry for more from life.  If you want abundance in your life, and you refuse to wait another year to get it, get in touch.

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