Loving yourself is good now!

By February 26, 2016Uncategorized

So I took my 4 year old daughter to her tennis lesson on Saturday as I normally do.  And we got chatting to a number of people as we normally do.  And on our way out, she asked “Mama, why do people keep touching my face when they talk to me?”   Without hesitation, I replied “because you’re beautiful darling and you attract smiles into the world.”  She smiled proudly as if she understood perfectly.

And it started me thinking.  What if we all thought we were beautiful?  What would that do to the things that we attract into our lives.  The opportunities, the wealth, the abundance.    Believing we are beautiful for many of us would mean we would have to like ourselves a lot, even love ourselves.  What does that mean?  It means choosing to be happy over the other options of angry, failed, disappointed and other variations of hard done by.

It means forgiving people including yourself.  It means letting go of all the emotional baggage you have been carrying around with you for years.  It means taking responsibility.  Yes really.

Over the last 12 months I have been on a powerful journey to explore why I am so hard on myself, why I allow other people’s opinions (or what I assume about them) to dictate how I then behave, and more importantly, feel.  When put into words like this, the outcome is of course not good.  Allowing our lives to be shaped by others is nonsensical.  We become passengers on a life long journey and we give all our power away (in the spiritual sense).

What if our own lack of self belief and self love is the reason that we get bad service, and that we don’t get what we want from the world.  What if being our core selves is enough.  That’s it, we are enough, as we are, right now!  That should be our starting point.

So if like I was, you have become tired of being a passenger in your own life, waiting for things to change, admiring other people’s good fortune, come and learn to drive again with me, and teach yourself how to take control back.

Learn to love the person you are right now, and all of the things you are already capable of.  Believe in your beauty and all of the good, positive things it will attract if you let it.

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