How to truly leverage a holiday

By June 5, 2018Personal, Transformation

When I was working full time in a corporate job I used to maximise every single minute of annual leave available! In the 28 days holiday per year I got, I aimed to leverage the bank holidays as much as possible, so I could go on at least 6 holidays.

I didn’t, however, know how to truly leverage a holiday.

Are you a leverager too?! Always booking the week of the bank holidays to get a week off for the price of 4 days’ leave?

I felt like I desperately needed those holidays to recover my energy. The reality was they were exhausting, so they just made my job of replenishment that bit harder!  Now when put like that it doesn’t really sound like leverage, does it?!

It doesn’t help that most of us are bought into the story that it takes you a week to switch off…

Since starting my business, my need for holidays has evaporated. Now, I really value just being at home, perhaps going out for the day somewhere new, and exploring England. The thought of airports, flying, delays, suitcase confinement just isn’t that attractive to me now. Maybe I am out of practice.

Having said that May half term was always a time for a proper holiday….until recently. Last year we went glamping in Suffolk, and I can honestly say it was up there with trips to New Zealand, the Caribbean, Africa, the Mediterranean, but it was so much more relaxing!

This time my family weren’t that fussed about going anywhere so instead, we chose to go to Bournemouth. In reality we were only away about 30 hours, but we had the most fantastic time. It didn’t feel rushed at all.

And I feel like I have just had a week off.

This is mainly because I have let go of the belief that it takes time to switch off. It doesn’t – it’s a switch! And it can offer instant reprieve.

Now for someone who might be in the leveraging habit, you might not get this! But if you are in the leveraging habit you are probably also in a state of pretty constant overwhelm.

So let me explain! This is why I got so relaxed so easily:

• turned my phone off from Saturday to Monday
• flew a kite for the first time – picture childlike glee!
• sat on the beach, next to my daughter digging holes in the sand and just watched quietly
• went for a long walk on the promenade
• ate in a fantastic seafood restaurant
• had a picnic on the beach
• paddled in the sea with my daughter
• had a loooong sleep!

You see it’s the small things that make a big difference.

THIS is true leverage!

No rushing to the gate to fly. None of this talking on the phone right up to when the seatbelt signs go on. No grumbling because the weather isn’t perfect (you give in to this when you choose a UK holiday!).

Just slowing down the pace of life, and not having it crammed full all the time.

Slow down

Enjoy the quiet

Maybe then the things you really want from life will become clear….


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