Re-energise this Christmas

By December 24, 2016Personal, Transformation

When people take time off over Christmas, they tend to fill the time up with all the things they resolve NOT to do any more come the New Year! Eating too much, drinking too much, and watching the same things they watch every year on TV.  If I am doing you a disservice I apologise – I am really talking about the old me!!

This is my version of how to re-energise this Christmas.

I have come to realise how much I like my own company, my home, and my family. So this year, rather than trying to escape my life, I am taking 10 days off at home. This would have sent my into an eye-rolling spin of suspected boredom in the past, and I would have filled up my diary with distractions. This is even easier to do when you have kids if you believe they need to be constantly occupied in order to be tired enough to sleep.

I DO NOT possess this belief. My child is a true Hygge child. One that wants to put her pyjamas on the minute we get home, snuggle up under a blanket and watch a movie, or play board games until bedtime!

So here are my recommendations for a cosy, relaxing and replenishing Christmas that will set your mind up for a transformed 2017. Don’t underestimate this time of year as the perfect preparation time for what’s to come!


We all have friends who we think of regularly, but we never pick up the phone. Now is the perfect time to make that call. Focus on the positive and ask them what the best thing has been about this year. This may remind you of what you have achieved and inspire you to share it.


Increasingly we are spending time ignoring, deleting, or sending emails to spam. Do yourself a favour, address this problem by unsubscribing from the things that aren’t adding value to your life. If you are not inspired, educated, or made to laugh as a result of being on someone’s mailing list, then question why you are on it, and take action accordingly.

Get up early

We think of the Christmas holidays as a time to lie in, but you might get re-energised just as much by getting up early, and experiencing the peace that can be found in the early morning. Getting up early when you don’t HAVE to has a very different energy about it. Maybe go for a walk on the Christmas lit streets (if it’s safe!); think about what you long to do if you have an extra hour in the day. Make it count! I can recommend Glenn Harrold’s meditations for this, and you can download them here.

Snuggle up

Even if you live some place warm, take the time to snuggle up. I like to do this outside while we roast chestnuts. The smell reminds me of Christmas. I also like to do it inside too, and do a good chunk of escapist reading. My guilty pleasure is Jeffery Archer novels. This one is one of my all-time favourites. If you get it, read it and pass it on!


Find a recipe you have never made before, perhaps in your newspaper or a magazine. Go to a shop you have never been to before and buy the ingredients. Enjoy the process. Notice what’s around you – the colours, the sounds, the smells. You are signalling to your brain that it is time to mix things up a bit! There is nothing inspiring about cooking the same meals and eating the same food all the time!


If you’re up for it – shoot a little video of your life, or write a short paragraph about how your Christmas is going and share it on my Facebook business page. I will be posting regularly during my holiday time to show you the un-‘photoshopped’ version of my life! It would be nice to get inspiration from you and your families about how you spend this time of year. Make sure you like the page to see when I am live – I would love you to stop by and say ‘hi’!


It’s easy to reflect on the year and think you haven’t come very far, but it is important when you slow things down to think about what you HAVE achieved this year – you will surprise yourself in all the things that you have done. And even if you are not where you wanted to be by now in your life, you can still be energised and fuelled by what you DID you. Give yourself and break, and pat yourself on the back.

Hope this helps you to re-energise this Christmas.  Let me know how that went for you below!  I’d love to hear from you.

Merry Christmas!

Susie x

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