31 days of consistency – was it worth it?

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31 days of consistency – worth it?


In July I decided enough was enough.  My ‘to do’ list was 2 sides of A4 long, and had the same things on there that are always on there – I just kept rolling them over.  “Another time” I told myself.  The result – not where I wanted to be in life or in business.  I was totally inconsistent.

How we behave in one area of life is how, overall, we are living the whole thing!

What my incomplete list was telling me was, “this stuff is not important enough”.  “This stuff is too hard”.  And “this stuff is too scary”.  Consistency eliminates this negative thinking.  Instead, it creates a commitment that is not about how you feel.  There is no assessment about whether or not I would take action.  Consistency replaces all of that.  So for July, my fitness became non-negotiable.

As you may know, I am trying to become unrecognisable this year; in other words, not do all the things I always do in the same way – so I made a commitment in July to start doing something about some of these things on my list.

Yeah sure some things I just deleted – they were things I felt I ought to do, and not things that were going to contribute to the person I want to be or the things I want to achieve.

5 lines were taken up on my list of areas of my body I wanted to tone and strengthen.  Old injuries that I don’t want to tolerate any more, and excuses that I no longer want to make.

I didn’t want to wear clothes to cover up bits of my body that I was self-conscious about.  I didn’t want to have to bow out of my run later this year because I have ‘bad knees’.  I thought it was time I gave this a shot.  I proper one.  I went ALL IN!

So July was my month of consistency.  The month where EVERY DAY I would go live on Facebook in my Playing Bigger group, to stay accountable to my exercise routine.  My goal on the surface looked like I was trying to get fitter, which I was, but my bigger intention was that I would be a different person by showing up every single day regardless of how I felt.

Here’s what I did:

  • I told everyone I was doing it
  • I committed to doing it live on facebook
  • I took one day at a time instead of looking at a 31 day commitment and feeling like it was a drag
  • I had fun with it
  • I enrolled my friends to help me
  • I asked my clients to help me on the day I got flu
  • I inspired people
  • I inspired myself
  • I did it before I allowed myself to have a meal or go out for the evening
  • I found time in between tasks to squeeze it in
  • I let go of imperfection and did it on location sometimes!


Here is the video I shot assessing whether it was worth it…..

The physical results speak for themselves:

  • visible shrinkage of my bum
  • complete loss of back fat
  • flat tummy
  • less cellulite
  • stronger legs and knees
  • slimmer thighs


More importantly though, the mental results were astounding!


I now have a track record of consistency.  A track record of doing what I say I am going to do FOR ME.  Not because my salary depends on it, not because I am helping out someone else, and not because I feel I have to.  But because I am worth it.

Deciding to value myself enough to SHOW UP every single day makes me feel FREE; truly alive, and vibrant.  Showing up even when I am tired, don’t feel like it, am on a course, or when having broadband issues, blah blah blah.

Showing up NO MATTER WHAT is such an awesome feeling.  I don’t doubt myself any more.  I don’t create half-hearted goals that I can’t hit.  before I would have let it slide.  Being tired was a valid excuse for not being the person I wanted to be.  That sounds ludicrous to me now!

And the best bit is that I inspired so many other people in my Facebook group to do the same.  Not everyone was doing fitness challenges, some were decluttering, others creating new habits for their health, and some for their businesses.

Here’s what Joanne said:

“So proud that despite being on holiday I have remained committed to my daily challenge. So far I have continued to do the 100 crunches and the plank for at least 1 minute. #thisgirlcan”

And Guisela:

“YAY!!! Loving all this INSPIRATION that is going on!! 10 mins [of my new morning routine] has been so doable….even with my busier than usual schedule!! Feeling good…happy to pass my magic around. And thanks to Susie for her magical guidance as well!!”


So if you would like to be inspired, to stay accountable to your dreams and goals, come over and join us – Playing Bigger with Coach Susie Ramroop.  We would love to have you.  Perhaps you can inspire us too!

Watch out for my August challenge – to be unrecognisable.  Check out previous challenges here.

If you don’t know how to stretch yourself to play bigger, comment below and I will be in touch!


Susie x

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