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By October 7, 2016Personal, Transformation

Do you want to get better results in the same amount of time?  I have the answer for you!

This post is inspired by my observations on the school run during the last two weeks since my daughter started school.  Every day, I need to be at school at the same time.  And every day, the same people are running down the road to avoid a late mark.

It reminds me of a time where I used to cut my arrival time so fine that the slightest obstacle would make me late.

What reaction do you think that generated in my body?20160527_090328


Stress, quickly followed by being annoyed with myself for letting it happen over and over again.

So here I am with this new deadline, five days a week that never changes.  Some days I have felt myself rushing my daughter along, which, as anyone with a four year old knows, generally has the opposite effect – they slow down, because now they too are upset about being late.

But every morning we do the same things.  I suspect that it is identical for most families.  The difference is, I identified the best order or work.

This is something I was always hot on in a project environment.  Do the thing that takes the longest first and avoid predictable obstacles.  In other words, the critical path!

So I make sure that breakfast, teeth and clothes are on in that order.

I don’t let TV watching occur until those things are done.  TV is a bonus when she is ready to walk out of the door IF there is time.

So, back to you……

What order are you doing things in?

Are you disappointed by your timeliness or your results?

Maybe you could change the order in which you do things?  Even if you don’t add any more time, you are still going to be more productive and less stressed as a result.

So if you are getting to the end of the day feeling annoyed with yourself for not having done that thing on your to do list.  Maybe you could find a way of bringing that thing forward in the day.  Maybe that episode of The House of Cards can wait until AFTER you have done what you said you were going to do.  Maybe it can be your motivational reward!

But it depends on you…

Are you going to put your satisfaction above your stress or not?  You might as well – the payoff is far better than what you are doing now.

So I invite you to:

  1. Look at the critical things on your plate,
  2. Identify the thing that takes the longest or might trip you up, and
  3. Schedule it early in the day.

Here’s to feeling productive and satisfied.  Let me know how you get on!

Susie x


P.S.  If you get this intellectually, but can’t fathom how to make it work – book a call here and I’ll help you.  That’s what I am here for.

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  • Tulio Colares says:

    Pretty good advice!
    I’ve already identified TV as my biggest thief of my productive time.
    I’m working on!

    Thanks a lot!

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