Adversity…good or bad?

By May 26, 2016Personal, Transformation

How do you react to adversity?

Adversity.  It sounds dramatic, and it normally is at first, but adversity doesn’t mean there is no way forwards.  Here’s an example (illustrated by my inital reaction above!)

SusiePicture this.  You’re working really hard to make your dreams come true, and you hang everything on the holiday you are going to have.  You’ve started a holiday sleeps countdown chart with the kids.  Everyone’s excited.  The holiday cases are down from the loft.

And then

A fuel crisis hits!  Strike one to adversity!

It would be OK if I had booked a resort that was a short drive in France, but no, I picked the one the furthest from the Channel crossing.

And there was a reason for that.

When I was 17 I au paired in France because my French teacher told my parents I had a natural linguistic talent and that it would be good for me.  4 weeks later having never been away from home before, I came back fluent.  I had au paired for the local Mayor’s 15 month old twins, and we had bonded over the Olympics.  I was even sarcastic in French (a sign that you have truly mastered a language)!

So now that I have a child of my own, this was to be a somewhat nostalgic trip back to the place I loved over 20 years ago.

OK you get the picture.  Fuel news adversity = grave disappointment.

It’s how you manage the situation at times like these that shows true character.

In years gone by, I would have been mad at France, mad at the people that had ruined my plan, like I was the only one affected.  This would have taken it’s toll on my mood, my blood pressure, my grey hair count…


I went to my “things I’ve always wanted to do” list, and I found a plan B that might just trump plan A.


When I worked in Germany, my team always used to jump in the car on a Friday night and go kite surfing in Denmark.

I’d like to do that one day, I thought.

So when adversity hits and I am faced with 2 days to radically change holiday plans I drew on my “things I’ve always wanted to do” list, AND the “things my family enjoy” list (which isn’t necessary to write down!), and checked all these off:

  • road trips
  • log cabins
  • sand dunes
  • BBQs
  • eating fish
  • waterslides
  • new adventures

Eureka!  Within an hour I have found a place with all of these things.

It means an extra 4 hours on top of what was already a long planned drive, but who cares?!  We like road trips.

What diamonds might you find in the rough, if you CHOOSE to see the curve ball thrown at you today as an opportunity to do what you always wanted to?

If you don’t have lists to draw on, start writing them today!  I have a lot of fun with these.  And as irritating as they might be to people who live with me – they sure do come in handy when they think we are in a crisis….

…..little did they know I had it covered.


You do too….you just don’t know it yet.  You have a choice as to how to react to adversity.


If you don’t believe me, book a discovery call with me today and find out:




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  • Cristina says:

    I love it! Very inspiring! I have now writing my lists! I had so much to write, I am moving forward! Thanks for all your help & push!
    Have a great time at Denmark and let’s talk when you are back! Xxx?

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