The 1 minute antidote to complaining

Do you know someone who is always complaining?  Is that person you?!

I used to be like this, and I admit, I can descend into this place occasionally still.  The beauty now is that I know how to whip myself out of it, and I am going to share that with you today.

Because staying in the energy of complaining will destroy you little by little every day.

When you complain about people or things, you are really looking for someone else’s agreement to the story.  You are seeking to enrol them in the drama of the thing that happened.  And actually, all that will prove is that you were right.

Your ego loves to be right.  But being right is a motivation that kills relationships, opportunities, and the likelihood that you will play bigger and reach success. It stops your ability to listen, as you are only looking to hear one thing – validation.

For some of us that are conscious that we are doing this, it leaves us feeling rubbish about ourselves, a degree of shame, and to others, we just appear untrustworthy and miserable.  If you fight this by saying, but my friends agree with me, then consider this.  If you are surrounding yourself with these people and this energy, then you are keeping yourself trapped in negativity.

The energy that you experience here will therefore show up in most other areas of your life too, and you may be wondering why it is that it’s never you that gets the promotion, or wins the prize, or gets noticed.  Trust me you are getting noticed, it’s just not doing you any favours.

So now, I may have shaken your awareness, here’s the antedote:

Accepting and forgiving others for their perceived misdemeanors is a much easier space to live in.  Practically though, this is hard to define, and hard to implement when you are focused on having been irritated, the failure to meet your high standards.

So instead of trying to teach you how to do these, I am going to replicate the emotional state with a one minute exercise.  Then, next time, you catch yourself complaining, you can do the exercise in the above video and snap yourself out of it.  I am utterly convinced that if you do this even for as little as a week this is going to make a significant difference in your life.

Watch the above video, and then comment below it to let me know how it has impacted you.

Please feel free to share this with friends – you know the ones I mean – they will love you for it, and then you won’t have to listen to them moaning any more either!!


Susie x

P.S. Don’t forget to share this video on social media – I am determined to help the world improve their energy and stop complaining!  Thank you!

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