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Are you confused as to how you can be working so hard, and yet not be where you expected to be by now?


Waiting for other women to blaze a trail before you make your move?


Afraid of making even more personal sacrifices to be successful, with no guarantee that it’s enough?

Be The Leader You Want To See Book

You don’t need a job title, extra qualifications,

or more experience to take the lead.

Failure is fundamental

I support highly capable business women to get clear on the value they bring, so they can create the need for their ideal role and fill it, without having to park their own needs.


You are the leader you want to see.  And you have everything you need already. Simply unlock the gold mine of talent you already possess and remarket it for the greatest impact.


Becoming the best version of you isn’t hard work.  It brings relief, followed by the results you’ve been longing for:  kudos at work as well as better relationships at home and a healthier, happier you.

This isn’t just how you create a career.

It’s how you create the balanced life you crave.

Imagine six months from now, you have developed a track record of consistent, courageous action, and you thrive on nervous excitement.  You have unlocked a whole new world of possibilities that you aren’t afraid to explore.


Your sense of adventure, fun and curiosity about how much more could be available to you has returned, seemingly without investing any more effort.  And you can stop your inner impostor mid move.

My ABC Formula will raise your Awareness of how you operate, and why. Increase your level of Bravery in the focused actions you take. And will be consistently evidenced by the Contribution you make to your own life, and those you lead.

Susie Ramroop

I was the strong, successful woman personified. Twelve years of leading global transformation and specialising in award-winning product development taught me how to create a compelling vision, and make steady, consistent progress towards it.


Perhaps like you, I believed my needs added no value to my career trajectory; surely I was just a vehicle for the service of others?  No wonder my outer success didn’t match my inner turmoil.  My career felt flat.  My relationships felt deficient.  And my health was deteriorating with the stress of it all.


And so began my relationship with coaching.  You too can stop looking outside for answers, drop your mask and enquire within.

Great leadership starts with what you already have. Decide that the time to use it is now. Book a call to find your focus, and set the tone for a life of fulfilment.

Galia invested £12,000 and became a six-figure Chief of Staff, while working largely from home, and closing her laptop at weekends.


Kate unlocked her leadership at home and at work. She doubled her remit as she let go of needing to be the expert and started empowering her team (and her kids) to take action.


Louise moved up to the leadership team by changing her focus, getting out of the weeds of project management, and experimenting with being more visible.



I want results like that. Let’s talk!


Three ways to get my help


Private Coaching

I work with clients one to one online bringing relief from long-standing challenges, clarity about what matters, and a catalogue of results, proving you can achieve anything you desire.

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Coaching Retreat

My retreat will transform your thinking and create a better life. Maybe you’ll arrive needing an escape, but you will leave feeling lighter, more joyful and with the clarity and skills to truly move the needle, at home and at work.

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Based on 19 years of coaching women (and some men) in business, this book will help you navigate where you are right now, and confidently clear the path to the career you were made for.


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