Mary Daniels Interview


Get exclusive access to this important, heart warming conversation with Mary Daniels, which has never been aired before.

Walk the courageous path with her during this educational and inspiring story – Mary’s insight, fuelled by her powerful story is a MUST HEAR.

We cover a lot of ground: how to value yourself and your life, where our energy comes from, and her tips for the best way to prepare for each day, based on her book: Wild Awakening – 9 Questions That Saved My Life. They literally did.

About Mary

Mary has a natural ability to transform every challenging situation into a triumph. She has spent most of her adult life working with vulnerable people in the community, including a prison, young offenders’ units, schools, women’s centres and inner-city charities.

She is the founder of the Wild Women’s Club and currently hosts retreats, workshops and is creating an exciting new retreat centre in Devon.

Mary hopes her quest to continue ‘waking up’ will inspire others to join her in courageously embracing the life they were born to live.